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Applicable Law in the International Arbitration



International Arbitration Conference “Applicable Law in the International Arbitration”

20th November 2015, University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland

Organizers: University of Silesia, the Arbitration Court at the Polish Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw, the Chamber of Legal Advisers in Katowice

The conference will be concerned with the private international law issues arising in arbitration, such as, inter alia: the law applicable to arbitration agreement, application of substantive law in arbitral proceedings, the role of lex mercatoria in arbitration, arbitration ex aequo et bono, the application of mandatory rules in international arbitration and the preservation of the public policy of various competing jurisdictions, etc.

Speakers: Prof. Bettina Heiderhoff (Germany), Mr Marnix Leijten (the Netherlands), Dr Paolo Michele Patocchi (Switzerland), Prof. Monika Pauknerova (Czech Republic), Mr Ernst Johansson (Germany), Dr Maxi Scherer (United Kingdom), Prof. Davor Babić (Croatia), Prof. Vladimir Pavić (Serbia), Prof. Marek Safjan (Luxembourg)[TBC], Prof. Maciej Szpunar (Luxembourg), Prof. Grzegorz Żmij (Poland), Dr Maciej Zachariasiewicz (Poland).

More information at webstie www.wpia.us.edu.pl/icarb



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