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The Mediation Centre at the PCC

The Mediation Centre at the Polish Chamber of Commerce with its seat in Warsaw, also referred to as the Mediation Center at the PCC or the CM of the PCC, is an organizationally and functionally separate unit of the PCC, operating in particular on the basis of the Center’s Statute adopted by resolution of the Presidium of the Polish Chamber of Commerce on October 26, 2023.

The objectives of the Center’s activities are, in particular:

  1. ensuring the efficient organization and operation of the Center,
  2. administering mediation proceedings with respect for their principles and mediator ethics,
  3. cooperation with the Court,
  4. protection of the Center’s mediators,
  5. development and improvement of knowledge and skills in mediation,
  6. popularization of mediation,
  7. cooperation with judicial and public administration bodies in the field of mediation,
  8. cooperation with mediation centers in the country and abroad.

The Center pursues its goals in particular by:

  1. organizing mediation proceedings in cooperation with the Center’s mediators,
  2. expanding the professional qualifications of mediators,
  3. participating in projects related to mediation,
  4. conducting and participating in promotional campaigns.