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Niels Schiersing

Niels Schiersing
Name and surname

Niels Schiersing

Professional titles


  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • French
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • Macedonian
  • Danish
  • Bulgarian
  • Slovenian
  • Albanian
  • Construction law
  • Energy law and raw materials
  • Insurance law and liability for damages
  • International commercial law and international commercial contracts





‘- Dual qualified and admitted to practice both as an advokat in Denmark and as a solicitor of England & Wales, – Former lecturer at the University of Copenhagen on several legal subjects and regularly speaks on topics within his areas of competence. Member, Copenhagen Chambers: 2015 – Partner, Horten: 2011 – 2014 Partner, Nordia Law Firm: 1998 – 2010 Independent practitioner 1996 – 1997 Associate with different law firms 1985 – 1995


Books: The Danish Arbitration Act – A Commentary (2016) Reinsurance – Selected Legal Topics (2013) Articles (selected): On the Construction of Offshore Windfarms – Legal Issues (2017 – upcoming) On Offshore Construction Contracts (2017 – upcoming) Om Presiding Arbitrator, Umpire and Referee – What’s in a Name (2017 – upcoming) On Construction Contracts under English law, part 1 (2016) On the IBA Guidelines on Conflicts of Interest in Recent Court Decisions (2016) On Mock-Trials (2015) On Arbitration in England (2015) On Price and Volume Risk in Long Term Energy Contracts (2014) On Reinsurance and the Pro-Rata Rule (2013) On “Validity” and “Existence” of an Arbitration Agreement (2011) On the Advance of Cost in Arbitration (2011) On “Full” Versus “Reasonable” Possibility to Present your Case in Arbitration (2011) On Interim Measures in Arbitration – Time for Revising the Rules (2010) On the Concept of “Investment” in the Danish Bilateral Investment Treaties (2010) On the Legal Protection of Investments in Foreign Countries (2009)