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Wojciech Jerzy Kocot

Wojciech Jerzy Kocot
Name and surname

Wojciech Jerzy Kocot

Professor of Law
Professional titles
Attorney at law


  • English
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Civil law and civil contracts
  • Commercial law and commercial contracts
  • Company law
  • Comparative Law
  • Competition law (antitrust)
  • Distribution agreements and franchising
  • Electronic Contracting
  • the B2B Contracts in Domestic and International Trade
Year of birth







Profesor of Law at Warsaw University, Faculty of Law & Administration; The Headmaster of the Department of Civil Comparative Law,

Arbiter at Konfederacja Lewiatan from 2005 r.;

Arbiter at the Polish Chamber of Informatics & Telecommunication from 2003 r.; Arbiter at the Polish Bank Association from 2011 r.

On the list of Arbiters & Mediators at WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Centre.


„The Conclusion of Sale Contracts under CISG”, Warszawa 1998;

„The Impact of Internet on Contract Law”, Warszawa, 2004;

„Precontractual Liability”, Warszawa 2013; “The Juridical Nature of Distribution (Network) Contracts from the Polish Perspective”, Osteuroparecht, z. 2/2014;

„The Legal Character of the Umbrella Contract”, in: Prawo kontraktów (ed. Z. Kuniewicz, D. Sokołowska), Warszawa 2017; Contract of Distribution, ch. III § 9, Factoring, ch. III § 10 in: System Prawa Prywatnego, vol. 9, Warszawa 2018; Franchising,  ch. 11.4.3, the Contract of real estate agency, subch. 11.6.2 rozdz. 6. in: System Prawa Handlowego, vol. 5B, Warszawa 2020;

„Europeanization of Material Civil Law – the present status and perspectives”, Państwo i Prawo 2020, No 2; Co-author of the textbook „Civil Law. General Part”, (A. Brzozowski, E. Skowrońska-Bocian), Warszawa 2018; Author of part I i II (apart from ch. 5) of the textbook „Real Estate Law. the Outline”, (A. Brzozowski, W. Opalski), Warszawa 2021.

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