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Робота над новим Регламентом Суду

The amendment of the current Rules of the Court of Arbitration at the PCC is intended to introduce instruments that will increase the efficiency and speed of proceedings and the stability of decisions, to better adapt their provisions to applicable arbitration law, to modernise them in view of current trends and solutions in international arbitration, and to further open them to the world.

To that end, a New Rules Committee has been set up under the leadership of Attorney Maciej Łaszczuk.

The Committee’s other members are: Dr Witold Jurcewicz, Dr Rafał Morek, Dr Maciej Tomaszewski, Attorney Justyna Szpara, Professor Andrzej Szumański, and Attorney Łukasz Rozdeiczer.

The main assumptions behind amending the Rules were presented in a paper presented by Mr Łaszczuk at the Council of Arbitrators held on 17 June 2011.

The results of the work on various parts of the Rules will be presented to arbitrators and the entire arbitration community in Poland, and submitted for broad discussion in order to work out optimal solutions.  To that end, the Court of Arbitration at the PCC will be organising a series of conferences, about which you will be informed.

That notwithstanding, we would like to ask you now to submit any comments and suggestions you may have that can aid the Committee in its work and help to draw up the best possible New Rules.

Please e-mail your comments to: nowy.regulamin@sakig.pl