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Про центр Медіації

The Mediation Centre operates at the Court of Arbitration of the Polish Chamber of Commerce – the largest and most renowned court of arbitration in Poland in this part of Europe. It allows businesses to choose from among three ways of resolving a dispute:

  1. mediation – in other words, negotiations with the participation of a neutral third party, a moderator from the Centre’s list of mediators
  2. med-arb – if the dispute is not resolved in mediation, the case may be sent to the Court of Arbitration. In that event, the mediation fee is counted towards the arbitration fee.
  3. arb-med – sending any arbitration case before the Court of Arbitration for mediation (without any additional fees for mediation).

On average, mediation takes one day, and slightly longer in complicated cases.  Its likelihood of resolving a dispute amounts to 80 per cent.