List of Arbitrators

Biographies found: 242
name and surname: Michał Adamiak
designation: legal adviser
nationality: Poland
languages: English,Russian
field: Real Estate,New technologies,Administrative Law,Banking Law,Construction Law,Civil law, civil contracts,Business Law,Commercial law, commercial contracts,Environmental Protection Law
year of birth: 1971
name and surname: Janusz Adamkowski
designation: legal advisor
nationality: Poland
languages: English
field: International arbitration,Mergers and Acquisitions,Real Estate,Construction Law,Civil law, civil contracts,Business Law,International commercial law, international commercial contracts,Commercial law, commercial contracts,Company law,Intellectual property law,Infrastructure projects,Investment projects,Distribution agreements, franchising
year of birth: 1957
name and surname: Rafał Adamus
nationality: Poland
languages: English
field: Civil law, civil contracts,Business Law,Commercial law, commercial contracts,Company law
year of birth: 1975
name and surname: Gonzalez Jose Maria Alcantara
designation: Lawyer
nationality: Spain
languages: English,French,Spanish
field: Maritime Law
year of birth: 1944
name and surname: Tamas Balazs
designation: attorney at law
nationality: Hungary
languages: English,German,Hungarian,Italian
field: International arbitration
year of birth: 1964
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